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Metronome Trainer Free Trial
Metronome Trainer Free Trial

About Circle of Fifths

The Metronome Trainer was created by a practicing musician for practicing musicians, Circle of Fifths was launched in 2008 in response to the lack of a high-quality, user-friendly, and affordable software metronome on the market. I could not find a software metronome that had all of the features that I wanted to use during my practice sessions. I could not find a metronme that had "Count-In" measures, one that would let me keep exercise notes, or that would enable me to practice pieces with changing time signatures such as from 4/4 to 7/8 to 6/2 along with the ability to change beat groupings to go from a 2+3+2 to a 2+2+3 or 3+2+2 7/8 measure all in one simple to use application.

The Metronome Trainer was designed to easily give a varitey of exercises and features as well as organization to each practice session along with the primary function of keeping accurate and steady time. As a practicing musician myself during the design phase I wanted to pack in all of the high-performance features I possibly could in to one easy to use trainig aide. After four years of development and testing the Metronome Trainer came into being and the Circle of Fifths company was born.

Our innovative training aid can benefit musicians of all ages, skill levels, and instrumental disciplines. From a child learning the piano to an experienced bass guitarist, the Metronome Trainer has a place in every musicians tool kit.

  • Value: We believe you shouldn't have to bust your budget to hone your musical skills and achieve your desired level of musicianship. The Metronome Trainer is reasonably priced at just $29.95, making it a can't-miss investment in your musical arsenal. It also makes a great gift idea for the musician in your life.
  • Features: Our Metronome Trainer is like no musician's training aid we have seen. It incorporates all of the basic and advanced features you need to develop a strong core foundation and to keep taking your musical skills to that next level. To see a complete features list, click here.
  • Service: If you have any questions about incorporating the Metronome Trainer into your musical regime, feel free to send us a message. We also remain available for support after your purchase.
  • Results: Beginners will find that the device helps them grasp basic tempo concepts, while experienced musicians can use it to get that extra edge on the competition.

In addition to the Metronome Trainer, we are excited to announce the upcoming releases of these performance-enhancing aids:

  • Metronome Trainer Pro
  • Master Fret Board Trainer
  • Chord Trainer
  • Song Trainer

Visit Circle of Fifths often for exciting updates to our suite of musician's tools!