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Metronome Trainer Free Trial

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The secret to mastering any musical discipline isn't just practicing often-it's practicing well. Whether you're a seasoned musician or you're just starting out, the quality of your practice is the critical key to finding your unique sound and achieving optimal results.

The Metronome Trainer helps you get the most out of each practice session not only by keeping a steady beat for every exercise as most metronomes can, but also in its ability to organize and give structure to your practice sessions. We believe that organization and quality of time are what will get students to that next level. For most students of any discipline just 20-30 minutes daily of a structured pratice session with the proper training aids will yield better results than an hour of unstructured practice. So with a good structured practice you can speed up your progress.

We know you have a choice in training aids, which is why we designed the Metronome Trainer to offer a unique combination of exercises and features found nowhere else on the market. You'll enjoy the freedom to design your own customized training program tailored to your instrument, skill level, and musical style. You can also save your practice settings to use and modify again and again, all within a clean, sleekly designed interface.

The Metronome Trainer is also ideal for music teachers seeking an easy, effective training tool for students. Teachers can create and save exercises, enter notes for each lesson, and easily monitor students' progress.

Does practice really make perfect? That all depends on the quality of the practice. Learn more about how the Metronome Trainer can help you hone your musical craft.